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.40 to san francisco. and the first passengers will start tomorrow. >>> president obama is on the second part of his west coast trip today and is wrapping up remarks at the campus of intel. mr. obama said that intel had, quote, placed its bet on america. the president also defends intel's initiative to encourage young people to become scientists and engineers. mr. obama arrived in oregon a few hours ago, touching down on air force one at portland international after spending last night in the bay area. will obama lifted off from sfo at aren't 8:45. he attended a denar at the home of a venture capitalist. the dinner guest list was a who's who of bay area high-tech superstars, including the ceo of twitter, the ceo of oracle, steve jobs of apple and mark zuckerberg of facebook got some one on one time with mr. obama. >>> we have video from the top of mount hamilton in santa clara county that was e-mailed to us. the cal tran truck is equipped with a snow plow but at last check, mount hamilton road was closed. skyline boulevard in santa cruz county and mount st. helena got snow. >>> ski conditions
to -- are pouring into the streets to protest a legislature. >>> and a preview of president obama's bay area trip. we'll tell you who he will be having dinner with tonight -- tonight. >>> mark tamayo is back with updated information about how much rain you can expect. >>> also, the new bay bridge project continues to be ahead of schedule. we'll tell you what caltrans told us late this morning. >>> bahrain's top diplomat is defending a violent predawn crackdown on protesters. riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. many had been camped out for days and were sleeping. the confrontation left some dead, some critically injured. the foreign minister of bahrain says the violence was justified because the protesters were pushing this protest to the brink of abyss. >>> the state senate prepared to vote on a measure that would strip most public employees of their bargaining rights in wisconsin. the proposal has stirred massive protests for three date day -- for three straight days. the republicans hold a 19-14 majority but need at least one democrat present to have a quorum. police o
news. >> thank you. >>> president obama is defending his new budget proposal as one of tough choices. the president pitched his $3.7 trillion budget plan this morning, saying his proposal is a down payment towards fiscal solvency and more needs to be done to parish that -- accomplish that goal including changes to major entitlement problems. >> we'll have bring down healthcare costs further, including programs like medicare and medicaid which are the single most biggest contributors to the long-term deficits. i think we should -- >> republicans are blasting his proposal saying it does little to bring down the deficit. they are preparing a budget plan of their own. the president has made it clear what he wants to see what republicans are offering before any talks take place. >>> the gop spending plan could endanger the effort to affect the sacramento delta. this would gut rules that protect delta water rules, the salmon run and the endangered delta smelt. >>> and president obama's new 2012 budget calls for $130 million to help extend b.a.r.t. all the way to s an jose. but the project
the scene this morning. no word on the victim's identity. >>> late this morning, the obama administration announced it will no longer defend the constitutionality of the defense of maferrage act. that's the 1996 federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriages. same-sex couples have sued to have the law overturned. the justice department will side with those who say the law is unconstitutional. >> we're now anticipating that this will move to the courts and the courts will decide. >> congress may now appoint it's own -- its own lawyers to defend the law or outside groups might take up the role. swree a reporter working -- we have a reporter working on this story now and will have more at 5:00. >>> the united nations may impose a no-fly zone over libya if unconfirmed reports of attacks on civilians turn out to be true. protesters are broadcasting video of street scenes on youtube as reports surface about the crackdown by m oammar gadhafi. earlier today, we heard that a libyan pie lil intentionally -- pilot intentionally crashed a libyan plane instead of following orders to bomb
. >>> president obama this morning calls for new investments in clean energy technology. speak at penn state university, mr. obama says that will create new jobs and and help ensure america's long term stability and federal support for innovative energy products. >> we are telling scientist and engineers all across the country that if they assemble teams of the best minds in their fields and focus on tackling the biggest obstacles to clean abundant and affordable energy, then we'll get behind their work. we as a country. >> political analyst say mr. obama's trip to pennsylvania has a political motive. it is a state that's certain to be key in his re-election bid next year. >>> bay area officials are trying to determine what caused dozens of children to get sick while in a popular science camp. >>> how riders reacted after seeing this disturbing site on a bus. >>> our meteorologist has an amazing winter time forecast. >>> how you can voice your opinion as the local transit system talks about an emergency and devastating cut backs. , sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n ! ro fe ysexdo..ko
of the budget president obama will present to congress soon. he says the plan would dedicate $53 billion to continue building a national high-speed rail network. there is no word yet on how much of the federal dollars might end up helping to fund california's high-speed rail project. >>> tonight the oakland city council will continues its debate on whether to move forward on a controversial policy on pot farms. however one key player will not be part of the discussion. city attorney john russo is fed up with the councils determination to license large- scale pot farms. russo sent the council a letter saying he will no longer represent them in this case siting ethical rules. >>> it is a blustery day for some bay area residents especially for people in the hills. the chp issued advisories for bay area bridges earlier today. you can see the strength of the wind from some flags this morning. one man also had a strange story about gusty winds outside of his home. >> it was blowing very hard until about 4:00 this morning. it was still dark outside. it blew my front door open. it blew a whole p
in the house of representatives. >>> president obama sought to mend fences to american business leaders. he spoke to a number of a groom of ads that -- he spoke to a number of execs and he says growing america's economy requires working together. >> as we work with you to make america a better place to do business, i'm hoping that all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourselves what you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to support the american economy and invest in thiscation. >> mr. obama included the business leaders to begin spending the $2 trillion in cash they've been keeping in reserve while waiting for the economy to recover. >>> america's work force is becoming split between the haves and have-nots. a new report shows the lines are moving farther apart. companies are less likely to lay off workers now. the report by outplacement firm challenger gray and christmas shows businesses planned just 39,000 job cuts last month. that's down 40% from january of last year. but people would unemployed are staying out of work longer. >> we need more rapid
president obama's 2011 deadline to end all combat operations there. the 297 says as far as they know, the timetable is skill on schedule. the deployment of the 297th its first during the entire iraqi war campaign is to leave another company. when they leave, they will be stakessed in a forward-area of combat operations. a soldier we spoke narrowly survived the san bruno explosion. >> what happened, he pulled me out. some guy he was talking to me. he was asking me on a date. i walked away. it blew up. he stopped me from walking over the the pipeline -- walking over the pipeline. >> reporter: did you say yes? >> no [ laughter ] >> reporter: one of the soldiers say they are very proud to wear the united states form. many are looking forward to the year overseas deployment. reporting live in san mateo county, kraig debro -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it's news that blindsided some concord parents. they found out after listening to ktvu news that after a vote last night to close two ore schools, there was talk of closing westwood elementary school as well. most have thought wes
obama bunched the -- launched the 2012 budget battle. he says this involves tough budget cuts. craig boswell say the republicans say this is just a road map for more spending. >> reporter: staffers on capitol hill began this valentine's day morning unpacking and unwrapping budget books. president obama '$3.73 trillion blueprint. the president says his proposal trims more than 200 federal programs while making key investments in transportation, research and education. >> the only way we can make these investments in our future is if our government starts missing -- living within the means. >> reporter: he also says it contains 1.1 trillion in deficit savings through tax increases and spending cuts. >> in the next five years, we're increasing discretionary spending which is $400 billion of savings. >> reporter: the administration predicts they will hit a record of $1.6 trillion and republicans say this contains way too much red ink and wants deeper cuts. >> this is just more debt. >> reporter: other gop leaders called the president's plan an fiscally irresponsible spending fee. >> when
's governors just hours ago, president obama offered to get states design their own healthcare plan as long as they fulfill certain goals. he also challenged state chiefs who are attempting to balance their budgets by weakening labor unions for public employees. >> i also know that many of you are making desists -- decisions regarding your public work forces and i know how difficult that can be. i recently grow the salaries of federal employees for two years -- froze the salaries of federal employees for two years. i didn't want to do it but i had 20 due to the fiscal situation we're in. >> he says when it comes to fiscal belt tightening, everyone has to give up something, but he says what is happening in wisconsin, should not happen. >> and here's wisconsin. hundreds are celebrating a victory of sorts. authorities have backed away from a threat to evict supporters who have occupied the state dan -- state capitol for nearly two weeks. police say they don't face arrests as long as they continue to follow the law. governor scott walker says wisconsin is flat broke and he needs to take drastic
discussion monday with gadafi express deep concern with the escalating violence there. the obama administration is also expressing the same concerns and condemning the violence in libya. in the newsroom, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right. thank you. and similar unrest continues to grow in other parts of the middle east. video posted on youtube shows panic protesters running from police on motorcycles yesterday in the city of shiraz, iran. protests have broken out in mor rocco. they're continuing in yemen. next month's formula one race has been called off because of all the protests. the uprising in the middle east have shown the u.s. government the power of the internet to spread democracy. >> we want to use it to rebut some of the falsehoods and accusations unfortunately made against the united states. mostly we want to be in the mix with this incredible young, energetic population, that is seeking the same rights to express themselves as young people the united states see. >> middle east scholars say the power of the non-violate protests in egypt forcing the president out of o
saying president mubarak would not resign or that no decision has been mediate. president obama commented about the situation a few hours ago. >> so going forward, we want those young people and we want all egyptians to know america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> cia director said mr. mubarak appeared poised to hand over his powers to his vice president. the dramatic events taking place right now cap 17 days of massive and sometimes violent demonstrations to demand a transition to a true democracy. here in the bay area, people are closely watching developments. jade hernandez spoke to someone in tahrir square today. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're live here in kenzington. within the hour, we spoke to a middle east expert. before that, we gauged reaction right from cairo. a doctor who was in tahrir square this morning. >> this announcement is huge, but where it goes is a big deal. i mean, what we're hoping for is that the president steps down then all of what he ruled for is no longer valid. >> reporter:
with it. >> the obama administration says negotiations are underway with top egyptian officials about the possibility of mr. mubarak resigning and the creation of a transitional military-backed government led by continue current egyptian vice president. egyptian banking officials estimate the cost of the protests at more than $300 million a day. they are also lowering their forecast for egypt's economic growth to 3.7% in 2011, from 5.3%. the economy is suffering from the week-long closure of banks and other businesses along with the exodus of tourists trying to avoid violence '. >>> this morning students at mission san jose high school in fremont demonstrated in support of the anti-government protesters -- in egypt. [ horns honking ] >> students stood in front of the school on mission boulevard holding signing and encouraging drivers to honk for peace in egypt. one student said he had family in egypt and was inspired to do something. >> i was watching al-jazeera, and we shaw the people bleeding on the streets. i decided personally i needed to do something with my school backing me. >>
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13